The First Coast Plein Air Painters (FCPAP) is a group of enthusiastic and dedicated plein air painters based on the First Coast (Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia). “Plein air” is defined as a style of painting produced out of doors in natural light.

The purpose of the group is to maintain a strong and active membership, gain sponsorships and exhibition opportunities, build mutually beneficial relationships with other art and plein air groups, and foster plein air painting on the First Coast. FCPAP shall use various activities to achieve its purpose, including but not limited to, group exhibitions of plein air artwork; group plein air paintouts; educational opportunities for membership; artist skills workshops; and social events.

Come join us in the “OPEN AIR” !



What Is Plein Air Painting?                                                                                                                                           

Artists Sketching in the White Mountains by Winslow Homer, 1868, oil painting.                                                                                                                                                                    

          Plein air  Artists Sketching in the White Mountains by Winslow Homer, 1868, oil painting.

Plein Air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities, coupled with the creation of transportable paint tubes and the box easel—the precursor to the plein air easels of today—allowed artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air.”